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What is Fractional Ownership of Aircraft?

Buying an aircraft

What is the difference between typical aircraft ownership and fractional ownership of aircraft? As the term implies, with fractional ownership of aircraft, customers purchase but a share of an aircraft as opposed to the aircraft in its entirety. The price of the aircraft is then pro-rated based on the market price of a whole aircraft […]

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A Review of Frontier’s EarlyReturns Frequent Flyer Program


Frontier’s EarlyReturns frequent flyer reward program is one of the many reward programs that people flying frequently in and out of Denver and the Midwest and all over the United States as well as a number of Caribbean destinations including Jamaica and the Dominican Republic. The company also has a number of routes to Mexico […]

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Is Betfair the Best Mobile App For Sports Betting?


As smartphones take over the telecommunications world and as today smartphones become more powerful, faster, lighter and able to do more than older smartphones did, a greater portion of the populace has been forced to adapt to what the devices offer.  With so many functionalities, even betting and sports gambling has gone mobile today, as […]

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Top 10 luxury spas in Thailand

amazing view in phuket

The unparalleled feel of letting the cares and worries of the world drift away while your body relaxes to a delicious sensation of bliss and buoyancy is simply priceless. There is absolutely nothing quite like a massage in a spa in the whole wide world. Keeping the comfort and luxury in mind, the top most […]

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Apple to Make a Phablet in 2014? Probably not!

Xperia z 3 different color pic

Since Apple launched the first iPhone in 2007, the company has benefited from a fanatical following that saw the name iPhone grow into an international luxury brand. The company later introduced a tablet, dubbed iPad, and it too was a huge success, leading to the release of an improved version iPad 2 and later iPad […]

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How To Be More Creative

“Creativity is not a talent. It is a way of operating.” -John Cleese A lot has been said about how one can fuel creativity and how it works, but the fact is that thinking out of the box isn’t rocket science. Ideas and inspiration are everywhere. We just need to look in the right places- […]

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Five Tips To Ask For A Pay Raise

Many employees feel they aren’t paid their worth despite giving their best shot at the job. If you are one of them and have been mulling taking a leap and asking your boss for a pay hike, you may find this article helpful. It’s natural to feel anxious and even wary about approaching your manager […]

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3 Tips To Invest Smartly In The Real Estate Market

For millions of people the world over, their fortunes are tied up in their homes. Those who want to sell face the issue of not being able to sell a home as easily as a bond or stock. The fluctuating rates in the real estate market also make it difficult to handle property sales and […]

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3 Must-Read Books To Learn How To Do Business

Entrepreneurship and small business management is becoming increasingly popular by the day, what with more people expanding their professional horizons and scouting for new ways to turn what they love into a living. Setting out on your own can be an exciting thing to do, but it is imperative that you prepare yourself for a […]

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How Is The EUR/USD Determined On The Forex?

Foreign exchange rates fluctuate on a minute by minute basis in response to demand and supply. Global currencies, just like goods (like gold or silver) and services, have their own markets. This means there is a certain amount of dollars the USA can make available for the European Union, and a certain amount of dollars […]

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