Five Tips To Ask For A Pay Raise

miror with boss and employeeMany employees feel they aren’t paid their worth despite giving their best shot at the job. If you are one of them and have been mulling taking a leap and asking your boss for a pay hike, you may find this article helpful. It’s natural to feel anxious and even wary about approaching your manager to discuss a better paycheck, but there are several ways to go about it without hammering a nail in your foot:




  • Set realistic expectations: This one is important. If your company is going through a rough patch such as suffering from the effects of recession, enforcing cutbacks, or tiding through a project that has surpassed the budget, postpone your plans of asking for a raise. It’s but natural for companies to not hike salaries during relatively difficult phases.
  • Look back at your work history: Have you helped resolve issues, helped projects forge ahead toward completion, improvise on any processes or systems, or accomplished anything of significance of late? If so, make a list of your endeavors that are backed up by tangible proof, and memorize it so you can strengthen your case when you talk to your boss.
  •  Be ready to negotiate: Most superiors who are asked for a raise try to negotiate to go ahead with some of their terms and conditions. Try to remain flexible and ask for perks such as a company car, a change in designation, or an extended vacation if a monetary raise is not possible.
  • Be presentable: This pertains to not just being physically presentable, but being verbally presentable as well. Remain positive, and make it a point to sound confident, but not arrogant. Tell yourself to remain composed and to thank your boss for his/her time regardless of the answer you will be given.
  • Keep the discussion centered on your achievements: Many employees make the mistake of asking for a raise due to personal issues. This is not advisable, as it may be viewed as a sign of weakness.

Lastly, know that your boss has his/her own deadlines and work to deal with, so make it a point to grab the bull by the horns at the right time.

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