How To Be More Creative

“Creativity is not a talent. It is a way of operating.” -John Cleese

A lot has been said about how one can fuel creativity and how it works, but the fact is that thinking out of the box isn’t rocket science. Ideas and inspiration are everywhere. We just need to look in the right places- and the best place to do so is within ourselves.
Before you go on to unleash the full creative potential of your brain, however, you must do your bit to make small changes in your usual thinking patterns. This isn’t as difficult as it sounds. Whether you are a writer, musician, stockbroker, designer, painter, or factory worker- these few helpful tips can go a long way in unraveling your imaginative powers:

  • Take a walk outside: Yes, it’s that simple. Free yourself from the realm of the four walls for 15 minutes every day to closely observe the world around you. Look at the world with a fresh pair of eyes and notice the things you tend to take for granted every day. Chances are that the world will unravel itself to you in ways you’ve never seen before.
  • Listen to new music: Opening yourself up to new genres and musicians can, in turn, introduce you to new opinions, cultures, societies, and yes- ideas.
  • Observe silence: We all observe a few minutes of silence while mourning someone’s death, but fail to do so to give ourselves time to think. Take some time out every once in a while to enjoy some quiet and allow your creativity to surface amidst the solace.
  • Limit television viewing and your access to the internet.

Last but not least- go back to pencil and paper. Typing on a computer just doesn’t free our minds the way doing so on a piece of paper does. Try deviating from the norm and put pencil to paper to jot down notes or even create doodles in your spare time.

Source: Simon

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