Is Betfair the Best Mobile App For Sports Betting?

As smartphones take over the telecommunications world and as today smartphones become more powerful, faster, lighter and able to do more than older smartphones did, a greater portion of the populace has been forced to adapt to what the devices offer.  With so many functionalities, even betting and sports gambling has gone mobile today, as different developers and online casinos quickly realize that the market is moving to smartphones and leaving the traditional desktop PC.
With so many sports betting applications already in the market, how do you choose the best of them?  Many have claimed that Betfair is one of the best – some actually say the best – sports betting mobile app in the market.  Is it true?  Let’s find out.

a) Availability in different platforms.

Not all of us stick to a particular mobile platform – iOS used to be very popular but of late its glory is being snatched by Android.  If you have an iPhone and wish to switch to Android or vice versa, wouldn’t it be great if your favorite betting app is also available on your new platform?  Betfair is an application available on most leading smartphone systems including iOS (for iPhones), Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and even Wap, for those who still stick to browsers.

b) Betting exchange size

Having a betting app is one thing; it is a completely different case when it comes to the exchange itself.  Since your app is not just a game, you need to know what betting company you are waging with.  The mobile app only acts as an interface to the company running the bets.  With Betfair, what a player needs to do is download the application from the right AppStore, open a new betting account with betfair, claim your funds or deposit then you are set to use the app.  Betfair is the largest betting exchange that is very popular among professionals, so you can be sure you are dealing with professionals.

c) Application features

The Betfair application on all smartphones presents the user with a comprehensive set of features.  You can easily lay and place back bets right from the application, you can follow live bets, you can bookmark bets, update or cancel bets or even place combination sets – all from the application.  Some platforms, however, lack some of the features for instance; the Blackberry app does not have the bookmark feature.  The developers however guarantee you that the app will work with HTC, LG, Motorola and Samsung Galaxy devices.

d) Any other accessibility options?

If for one reason or another you cannot install betfair on your device, you have the option to use the web app which is compatible with most portable devices.  Although the Betfair is available for just about every phone or smartphone in use today, some functions may vary from one platform to another.  However, users can access their account from any device or through the web if they cannot download it to the device.


It’s true; the Betfair mobile betting app is one of the best in the market – maybe even the best you can check out the review here.  In order to take full advantage of all the features, users are advised to register on the Betfair site first on their computers then log in from mobile devices when the account is set up.  If you are into betting – especially sports betting – Betfair is a must-have app for you.

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